Reduce cost of IT to the tax payer

I wasn’t planning on working far from home again for a while. I’ve had enough of that with a year down in Swansea at DVLA and before that work in Finland and USA for Microsoft, however, I was offered an opportunity to provide consulting services to the Government Digital Service Common Technology Services team based in central London which helps accelerate the Government adoption of modern technologies and aims to reduce the overall cost of IT to tax payers. That feels like both an interesting and Read more […]

Summer budget 2015

Well, I certainly feel the we are all in it together anthem now following the first fully Conservative budget since the late 90s. UK Contractors working as one-man limited companies, and owners of small businesses generally, that realise a lot of their income in the form of dividends are being hit hard in the next tax year (i.e. from April 2016) which means, I expect, that many contractors will drop out (back to permanent employment) and others will put their rates up. Essentially, our tax bill Read more […]

From legacy to new world

From legacy to new world There are vast numbers of companies with creaking data centres who are yet to embrace even virtualisation and optimisation of their estates, let alone embrace the cloud and understand the benefits of containers over virtual machines. Such companies are still often using traditional waterfall development methods in mosts cases to develop bespoke software, maintain/extend legacy applications, or adapt complete off-the shelf packages that do not quite do things the way they Read more […]

Any container will do

The technology world has a long history of format battles (often referred to as “another VHS vs Betamax”). Container technology was lining up to be another one. Containers are fundamental to deployment of applications and micro-services in cloud environments. They are taking over from virtual machines (wasteful of resources, harder to cooperatively manage). The dominate player is Docker. Open container project brings together the major players to offer a common standard that will support portability Read more […]

Learning to drive – again

I completed the first day of a two day Advanced Driving, Handling and Skid Experience course yesterday, with Ride Drive. I have some time to practice now before my second day. Taking driving instruction so many years after passing my test made me very nervous in advance of the experience itself, and having a heavy cold did not help much either. However, the day itself was great, as was the instructor (Andrew, a retired policemen, advanced driver, and keen golfer). It was somewhat worrying that Read more […]

My first Audi

I thought, back in November, that I had found the right car when I returned to the old style Mercedes S-Class. Several months on an I found myself taking a contract that required me to travel over the Brecon Beacons every week. One trip with Lucy convinced us we did not have the right car. This time, we decided to go for both some luxury and fantastic driving capability able to handle with ease very windy roads and adverse weather conditions. After trying not a lot of cars, we came to an Read more […]