32% of girls self-harm

A radio programme I caught for a while yesterday advised that around 32% of girls self-half at some point in their school life. I spoke to my eldest last night who assured me that this was about right from her experience. She said that over the years many of her friends had self-harmed.

We went down the rabbit-hole for a while of discussing whether or not she had. She pointed out that if she were or had, she was unlikely to tell us and most parents felt confident that their children were not doing so.

It feels to me much worse than it used to be – certainly in the days when PE was taken more seriously and you HAD to take a communal shower afterwards, it would be very hard to hide. However, my wife (who is only a few years younger than me) dashed this notion by agreeing with the statistic based on her senior school years.

What a world.

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