A new Physiotherapist in the family

After a slog of four years of study, I am delighted that Lucy has finally been awarded her degree 2.1 as a Physiotherapist.

We knew when she started on the journey four years ago by attending a local college in order to obtain an Access qualification providing enough points to enter university (past qualifications having expired in usefulness for this purpose) that it would be a hard ride. At least, we thought we knew. Nothing could compare to the experience itself.

Physiotherapy is known to be one of the harder degree course around. I am in awe of my wife for taking this on at an age when many people are thinking of slowing down a bit. Mature students often get very frustrated seeing all the young people around them with less to worry about in life, more time to study, and an ability to pick things up more quickly.

Lucy certain suffered the common experience of mature students in expecting rather more of herself than younger people naturally tend to. The three years of the degree study were very hard work for her, and, frankly, hard on me at times.

We were helped hugely in the latter two years by having one of Lucy’s fellow students, a young (well, late 20s) woman from Cardiff, live with us. We all became close friends.

Amazingly, Lucy never failed a single placement, a single submission, a single examination. Okay, sometimes she might have been a little close to the wire, but she did it. An incredible achievement.

There was one placement that, because of family problems, she had to drop out of before completing it. She had to catch up on this at the end of the course when most other people had finished. It meant she did not get graduate with her friends or enjoy the graduation ceremony. A very frustrating experience. The last placement, in June, was probably the hardest challenge.

Lucy also seems to have been in the last batch of students who, for one reason or another, did not graduate after the exam to have been processed fully and be notified of her degree. She was convinced for ages that she would have failed, or have got a lower rating than she hoped for (than she deserved). Thankfully, all that is past now. No idea when the formal ceremony will begin though.

It now means we can both focus on finding new work opportunities. Who knows where we shall be in a year.

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