A new year and a year of change

This year will be one for change for the Moore family.

Hopefully, both Zoë and Alexandra will graduate from their universities, following hard on the heels of their mother, Lucy, who graduated with a 2.1 in Physiotherapy last year. Zoë has a vague plan to find somewhere to live with her boyfriend in North London. Of course that depends on finding suitable work, not the easiest of tasks for graduates these days, but the specialist nature of her course with Imperial College will help (hopefully). Alexandra is, I think, more open to a wide range of opportunities and locations to live and has already gained some terrific work and team experience so will be able to turn her hand to pretty much anything that takes her fancy.

Lucy, who is currently working as a Locum Physiotherapist, will take up a longer term contract directly with an NHS Trust. In fact, she is about to rent a house in Burnley and move in. She will probably have the dogs with her for company and protection.

I currently have work in the West Drayton area, near Heathrow, and am about to rent a room nearby so I do not have to suffer B&B/Hotel accommodation any longer than I have to.

Friends will be living in our home in Shropshire. There were happy to take on looking after the dogs but we have decided that Lucy would prefer to have them with her. The dogs will no doubt prefer that to the four weeks they spent in kennels at the back end of 2013.

Living on the canals

The big change though is that we plan to sell up this year, finally say goodbye to the farmhouse we have lived in for the last decade and some.

I have always had an desire to live on a narrowboat on the inland waterways, canals, of Britain. We have holidayed many many times, including during a Christmas one year, on the canals (something that started for me when I was at school).

We are not planning on messing around and having a fall back place to live making it too easy to give in. We want to give it a real go.

Whether we will buy a used boat or go for a custom build is something we have still to decide. Selling our current home is likely to take a long time so we are not planning ahead too much but will go with the flow. If it does happen quickly though, I can move in with the Mrs in Burnley, rather than just meeting her back in Shropshire at the weekends.

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