A sad loss

 I attended a funeral yesterday of a good family friend. A mother of five children. She died suddenly a couple of weeks ago aged only 43. Two of her children are university age, the rest are younger.

It was heart rendering to see the children at the ceremony. The father was incredibly dignified and presented an amazing eulogy that was enlightening, moving and (in places) funny.

The ceremony was conducted in a relatively small C of E church located in rolling countryside. When we left the church for the interment in the grounds, we were greeted by a large crowd outside who had come to witness. The internment ceremony was conducted against an incredible backdrop of a small lake, green hills, old trees swaying against a stormy sky and surpassed every movie depiction of classic graveside scenes I have ever seen. The sight of each child dropped a rose and then some earth onto the coffin will stay with me forever.

Our friend touched the lives of a huge number of people and she probably packed in far more in her 43 years than most people will in the average lifespan. She was a funny, vivacious, energetic woman as well as very talented musician, an incedible mother, and cleary a much loved wife. Her passing is a sad loss to society.

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