Birthday party

Mutty’s had her birthday party today. We were unsure of how this would work given that she had not had one before but we are not familiar with what 17 year old girls are into.

One guest arrived early and helped Mutty to dye parts of her hair brown. A bit of an experiment but it worked out okay.

However, overall it worked fine. The food that Mutty had asked for for lunchtime did not go down that well but they all seemed happy listening to music and playing silly party games (an opportunity for Mutty to find out what she had missed out on and for the English girls to enjoy something from their past).

Two guests arrived late, indeed two others left around the same time.

We had an Indian take away in the evening and that went down very well.

Younger host daughter had made a multi-layer, somewhat lopsided, chocolate cake that proved popular.

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