Canal Holiday

We love holidaying on the canals of Britain on a narrow boat. The longer the better.

We have done this many times, especially Host Father.

For the first time, we planned to take the dog. We had no idea how well she would cope.

We were also going with only two adults and 5 children including two 17 year old AFS girls from Japan.

The first challenge was finding the place in our two cars. We drove around in he vicinity for a while until older Host Daughter discovered detailed directions in the material that had been sent to us.

It took only half-an-hour to load our stuff from the car onto the boat and to do the paperwork. The weather was pretty bad, the light poor and it was getting a little late (nearly 4pm) so there was no way we could tackle the long flight of 30 locks to start our journey towards Worcester so we decided to go “up stream” for an hour and moor up for the night.

Host Father and older Host Daughter did most of the driving including navigating a tunnel. Great fun despite the weather. Sadly there were no locks but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The evening meal was fun. We all had a great laugh and went to bed happy.

Mutty and Saki had their own area on the boat and toilet/washbasin room. They had a narrow single bed and a narrow bunk bed between them. They were located near to the back of the boat.

Older Host Daughter and her school friend took the single beds at the front of the boat. Younger Host Daughter took the double bed that was made from the main dining table. This meant she could not go to bed until everyone else had done so.

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