Floodlit Bike Race

Another walk

This time starting from our house. Julia did not make it because she had to wait in for an electrician (who did not turn up until much later).

Felt like harder work this time.

Suggested to Peter that instead of doing a local walk on the Sunday that we go to Snailbeach and visit a mine as well as doing a walk and get a meal at a pub there.

Bike Race

The main event today was watching the local Bike Race. Well, not so local actually as it features an international field. The event is unique in the UK in that it is a flood-lit event around the town, hence the name: Newport Nocturne. It was raining at lot this year and was colder. They had also introduced another event between the senior (older) riders race and the main race. This was a series of time trials of some of the fastest cyclists in the world. We found this boring though so we went home before the main event. Shame. We did enjoy going out into the town though and seeing the senior race.


We watched the X-Men 2 in the evening. A very visual film so not too difficult for Mutty to follow. We watched the first X-Men film the previous weekend.

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