Heading North


As always, we start the day with a walk in darkest Sherifhales with Julia and Peter guiding from an OS map. We have to keep backtracking because pathways that are clear on the map are not at at all obvious on the ground. Indeed some pathways have clearly been blocked (now doubt Julia shall be writing one of HER letters).


Host canine was dropped off at prison… er, kennels for the weekend. She went in happily, obviously likes it there. They must treat her well.


A stop at Ted’s the farm shop butcher on the way home, a new experience for Mutty seeing the meat carved out with Older Host Sister salivating madly next to her. Host Father applied wok technology in his usual manner.


Younger Host Sister and Host Daughter went to dance class as usual to be picked up after and taken directly TO THE NORTH

Heading North

… Well, towards the Peak District anyway…

It only took an hour to get to Breadsall Priory just a few miles north of Derby. Fantastic hotel. Expect for host daughter, we all went for a swim.

We then headed up to Ripley to meet up with some old friends. But first, we wanted to introduce Mutty to Fish and Chips and chose to do this in Ripley where the quality is much better than in our home town. Lisa invited us back to her house to eat the fish and chips :-).

Ami has gone all gothic. A big shock. Lisa is pretty much same as usual and has a new man in her life.

Paul was relaxed as both Jackie and Joe had gone out. We wandered off the the pub. The kids played dominoes for a while.

Eventually we headed back to the hotel. Host Mother drove but Host Father had to park the car in the hotel car park.

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