Host Father: A week at home

I have been at home all week. A nice change from flying out of the country all of the time. Glad to spend time at home. Wish it was under better circumstances. My mother is still ill but being well looked after.

Went with girls to karate on Wednesday. A great evening. Took some really nice photographs. Older Host Sister is doing very well.

Mutty has been very worried about her English. I do not know why, it seems very good to me. She seems to be learning very quickly but it is not good enough for her. I am amazed at how much she understands and copes with.

Host Mother’s Mom and Dad stopped by at the beginning of the week. Host Granny was off to a patchwork week near Derby. Host Grandfather headed back to Wales after dropping her off and then came back to us on Thursday night before heading off Friday morning to collect Granny.

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