Host Mother: odd day

Odd day

Eldest daughter gave me a karate lesson last night, to help me with the 2 katas I have problems with. I am hoping to take my next grading soon, so I need to have these katas clear in my mind.

Mutty came back from town last night having enjoyed herself very much.

This morning I did the bag taxi run. The girls walk the dog to school and I take their bags in the car. We do a swap at the other end.

Drama for youngest daughter tonight, then scuba diving.

We are all really looking forward to the trip to Derbyshire. The hotel does look very nice!

Scuba diving

I had my first scuba dive. I was very nervous beforehand, but in the end really enjoyed it. I was rather annoyed with Julia as on Sunday she had said that if I went she would too, but she did not turn up! Peter and Amy came though.

Youngest host sister came with me. Eldest host sister did not as we have decided she should hae her asthma checked first, althought she did go last week.
Bob strapped the equipment onto my back, gave me emough advise to be safe, including a few hand signals, and took me under the water in the swimming pool. At first he held my hand and we stayed in the shallow end, but as I gained in confidence we went into the deep end and I felt confident enough to let go of his hand. He did not leave my side though. He seemed to be very safety conscious.

Next week we will be starting on a snorkelling course for a few weeks before commencing scuba training.

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