Another Sunday.

Host Mother and Father had no slept brilliantly and ended up sitting in the family room earlyish (for a Sunday) watching a recording of The Brief whilst supping on their first tea of the day.

They were joined by Host Daughter and Older Host Sister. Only Mutty was dressed.

Later in the morning, Host Mother and Father and Mutty went to Tesco to do a big shop. Host Father collect Younger Host Sister from the party. Lunch was a reheat of the soup made by Host Father the previous day plus some pasta.

Whilst most of the tribe went off to karate, Host Father continued up the learning curve of cooking large joints in the BBQ. The meal was a bit burnt in places but very nice.

The evening film was Phantom of the Opera. Mutty really likes musicals.

One thought on “Karate

  1. A typical Sunday with the nieghbors is fun. You just take your sit and watch them serve you with delight. The food is abundant and enjoyment is not scarce. The best thing is that you spend nothing and have all the happiness for a day.

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