Middle of the week already

Not sure what is going on at home at the moment. Host Mother is so busy finishing off too many bridesmaids’ dresses she is not able to talk to me as much as usual. She is working long hours again because a previous dress/customer proved tricky and took up far too much time.

She would like to leave the summer holiday period clear of work but has yet to achieve this. Fingers crossed for next year. The kids would really like their mother to be able to do things with them during the summer holidays – something that is not an option for many families in this day and age.

My colleague was late getting uo this morning so we headed off to the office later than I wanted however the journey was quicker than on the previous day. Weird. I guess that there must be an optimum window. It is rare that I have one of the rented cars, I normally use a taxi and they can use the bus lanes to get around a little quicker.

As he has been so helpful, I am going to drop my colleague off at the airport this afternoon. He flies to/from Birmingham on Aer Arran, same as me. We should be flying out together next week.

He has been a tremendous help in addressing some late and challenging requirements and I feel a little less stressed than I have been for the last few weeks.

Host Mother has just told me that the forms for the scuba diving training say you should not do it if you have high blood pressure or respitory problems. Well, thanks to the latter (treated with a lot of drugs) I have the former so I do not think I shall be able to do it. It may be an option to me in the future when I have lost weight and am fitter (some chance living in hotels all of the time). Older Host Sister also has asthma so technically is not allowed to do it. We need to get her to see a Doctor to check whether or not it would be okay for her to take up this sport. It would be a great shame if not. She is very fit generally and only suffers mildly from asthma.

We are unsure whether or not Mutty is interested in trying scuba diving. She said that she needed to check with her Mother. We hope that she does not think that she has to do it.

Another consideration is the cost. We are not sure what funds her parents have made available for her to pay for activities. There will be fees to pay for the Diving. There are also fees to pay for the Karate lessons. We have paid already for the initial period of lessons so that she can see if she likes it and wants to continue. Similarly, if she wants to continue joining Younger Host Sister at the dancing classes, there are fees to pay. Not much is free in the UK!

Time to get the nose back to the wheel for a while.

One thought on “Middle of the week already

  1. I spent all day working on the dresses before the girls came home with 3 extra girls. Iz always comes here on a Wednesday for karate, but M and E had been invited by eldest host daughter to give karate a go. E loved it and her Mum is thinking of joining too. M didn’t seem so keen. Mutty took her first grading and is now a red and white belt!

    As usual, when we got back from karate Iz cooked bacon and eggs for everyone!

    We all went ot bed around 10pm. I wanted to get up early to finish off the sewing.

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