Mutty's friend from AFS joins us

We gave Mutty the opportunity to join us on a Canal Holiday and to bring along a friend. She invited Saki who she had met briefly in Japan with AFS and who have come to Warrington (about one hour north of us).

Saki seems keen and travelled down to join us on he Sunday before we headed off. We were all a bit unsure as Mutty did not know how well they would get on over several days together let alone whether or not she would get on well with all of us and enjoy the holiday.

First impressions were very positive. A very friendly and confident (seeming) girl. Tall and healthy so up to the work. Will grow into a beautiful and successful woman.

She was very open and friendly and got on well with Host Mother. She brought a gift of home made bread from her Host Mother which was rather nice of them. A letter thanked us for inviting her on holiday and extending an invitation for Mutty to join them at some time in the future.

My mother was still very ill and had been transfered to another hospital in preparation for a major operation so I did not spend much time with Saki that first evening.

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