Host Daughter was very keen to see some old buildings but it was not practical to schedule such an activity for this weekend. Younger host sister had two dancings lessons booked for the day and was then off to a party from which she would be collect at noon the following day.

Older host sister hates shopping in general but was in need of clothes suitable to go away with a friend and her family to the Lake District mext weekend. Amongst other things, she needed a decent ruck sack, waterproofs, hat and gloves. She also needed smart trousers so she could dress for dinner!

Host Father took Older host sister and Mutty off to Telford town centre for the afternoon. He also had to return a rather expensive watch to the jewelers to arrange for repair of the wrist band.

Mutty went with Older host sister initially to get her started on her shopping. Host Father caught up with them later and Host daughter went off shopping on her own.

The ruck sack proved easy. As did waterproofs. Gloves and hat were not found. The only outdoor clothes store had nothing and other stores had only fashion rather than practical versions. Trouser took a long time but ultimately were achieved.

Mutty enjoyed her shopping. The two parties did bump into each other once during their travels: actually, Host Father and Sister crept up behind Mutty and made her jump just after she had walked past them without noticing them.

They returned via a Fish and Chip shop – something Mutty had acquired a taste for.

The evenings entertainment was provided by a couple of DVDs. Firstly, House of the Flying Daggers. A slightly odd Chinese film. he end was a little sad so a second film was required to lift the mood. Chicken Run was the choice, a clay animation film featuring the break-out of chickens from a chicken farm all set up like the old style second world war-prisoner films.

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