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We had a family outing to The Priory Theatre in Kenilworth last night to see an amateur production of Tom, Dick and Harry (by Ray and Michael Cooney). Neither I nor my eldest daughter were very well, in fact I had been off sick the previous day with general lurgyness and my daughter had stayed in her bedroom for the last few days, but having paid for the tickets already and deciding we would be sitting quietly with little effort dosed up with mediine, we decided to give it a go. It was well worth it. Made us laugh a lot and did not seem at all amateurish.
Kenilworth is not exactly next door for us. It was over an hour trip. We often go to see productions at theatres in and around Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick and Stratford (RSC in particular) as I am a member of the theatre social club through my work base office (which is in Warwick) – the fact that I very rarely visit the base office (or really know anyone who does) is neither here not there. The club is very good at obtaining early release discounted tickets for events and I get emails about upcoming shows with an easy way to book them that I might not otherwise get around to bothering about. For example, we got to see David Tennant in preview shows of Hamlet. We probably should make an effort to see more in our own area, Telford, Wolverhampton, Stoke, etc.
The recommended car park was a little odd. It was based at a nearby church and to get into it you have to maneuver around some trees and they had decided to put virtually no signs up. I guess they felt that it would spoil the look of the place (and anyway, most people would be regulars).

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