Doctor Who

It is no great confession to say that I a fan of Doctor Who. I have been
looking forward to the start of a new series with a new actor in the
lead role. Today was that day. Much as I loved the work of David Tennant
(both prior to Doctor Who, and on stage in Hamlet) I felt he had done as
much as he could with the character and I was happy to see him leave on
a high note with an excellent body of work with the show as his legacy.

Matt Smith is a younger actor than Tennant (in fact, the youngest ever
in the role) but also has a stage background and other TV work in his
CV. He brought an incredible energy to the role in the first episode,
captured the disorientation of the characters change of body
brilliantly, and established an intriguing mix of youth and considerable
age (the Doctor is over 900 years old after all).

The story was classic Steven Moffat, and up there with the best of his
previous stories for the show. No wonder he has been selected as the new
show runner. The story had greys, misdirection, fun, time travel
complications, and character depth. It was also a bit creepy.

One of my daughters (and they both love Doctor Who) was working today
and will have to wait to see the show this evening. However, she has
(for some strange reasons that escapes us) a major hang-up about eyes.
The fact that the bad guys were represented by a huge eye, and the drill
down into one of the Doctor’s eyes for a new “what is he remembering”
sequence will freak her out.

Watched confidential as well. Great team behind the show again. Looking forward to the next episode.

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