Kindle and newspaper subscriptions


I have had a Kindle 3 for just a few weeks (early Christmas present) and have done the 14-day free trials of several newspapers.

I have decided to use Calibre instead having trialled that in parallel. I leave my laptop running, it downloads Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail and BBC News and sends them to my Kindle around 6am every morning – I will not continue with all of these different news sources, the range was part of my trial.

Frankly, I prefer the Calibre versions to the official versions. Calibre has a wider range of formatting and far more images. I also prefer the Calibre version to the KUFORUM RSS linked versions as:

a) it works in the background for me

b) it produces a Kindle format book/newspaper to read (rather than using the Kindle webkit web browser) which are sent to my Kindle each morning over the WiFi ready to read (and does not need connectivity to read, so can be read on the train)

c) it uses a combination of RSS and web content for the news sources and it can supports very comprehensive reformatting (frameworks for which have been written for a wide variety of sources by those more familiar with the Python scripting language than me)

There is a possible downside, the content on the websites is not exactly the same as the daily newspapers and each day you can end of up with some content covering several days. However, I have found very little difference – in fact, if anything the online versions have more articles and sometimes longer versions than could be fit into the printed (and corresponding digital) versions.

I have also tried generated additional copies during the day, which means I pick up new stories posted to the websites.

Calibre is free and open source, a great ebook management utility.

This option will only cease when and if other newspapers follow in the footsteps of The Times and The Sunday Times and introduce a paywall (which is why these were not included in the trial).

Frankly, I would be insane to pay for a subscription.

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