Still no sign of Amazon releasing the Kindle in the UK

Just read a post on the Kindle UK, Canada Blog and posted a comment which I have reproduced below. As I have said before, I am a big fan of ebooks and have purchased a lot of content from in particular – I find most books I want, including most available on the high street, are available and often cheaper in ebook format than in their dead tree versions.

I am really disappointed that Amazon have not got their act together on a UK release of the Kindle. That said, I am not sure I would purchase. I need to see one and be able to try it out on a range of material.

I have been using ereader format files for years and been reading them an PDAs (firstly Palm and then IPAQ/Windows mobile) and now on the iPhone.

I work away a lot and find the PDA/iPhone size ideal and given the poor light in most hotel rooms, appreciate the backlighting (not a feature of of most of the ebook readers ).

Also, having got used to the speed of the the PDAs/iPhone, eReader application, I have been greatly dissapointed by the few ebook devices I have tried [Kindles are not amongst the devices I have been able to try] in that there is a significant delay in refreshing a page when I do a page turn. As this disrupts the flow of the reading for me, I think I will find that I will want to wait for another couple of generations of these devices before I switch.

The ereader format, now under the guidance of Fictionwise, itself now owned by Barnes and Noble does seem to offer many more titles than the alternatives. The eReader application is available on a very wide range of devices (including mose phones – I think already out for Blackberry, and not far off for Palm PRE, already on the S60 OS for Nokia, etc). There is even talk of it being added to some ebook devices (no doubt excluding the Kindle). Fictionwise has been working hard to make all mobipocket format publications also now available in ereader format.

There is a weakness to the ereader and mobipocket formats (the latter also being the base for the Kindle) for publishing. Clearly the small devices I have been using are not great for reading newspapers and magazines and I would be attracted to a portable device that gives me these options as well. Fictionwise are improving the ereader format away from the crude html like formating they currently have to something that may be more suitable for richer presentation, no idea what Amazon are doing or Sony for that matter. The eSlick from Foxit my have an edge give their background on PDF.

It will be interesting to watch what happens over the next few years. It will be a great shame though if Amazon misses out through moving outside of the US too slowly.

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