A tiring week but a holiday to look forward to

I had promised myself that this week just gone by would see me making the effort to swim everyday, eat sensibly, and get away from work at a sensible time.

As it turned out, I swam only once, ate badly most of the time, and worked even later than usual (both leaving the office late and then firing up the laptop again in the hotel when I should have been sleeping).

I have my camera gear with me in the car and the grand intention of getting out and about and doing something creative. I have failed to do this as well.

Just to finish the week off nicely, a surprise email was flung at us from one of our client colleagues that we had to respond to that evening. It took some time to formulate a suitable response and hence I left late. After 8pm.

The drive home is only 150 miles, mostly on motorway BUT when you are tired, you have to take it slow, stop often, and take lots of stimulants (coffee, sweets, Coca-cola, etc.)

It was gone midnight by the time I got home and it took me a long time to relax (having worked so hard to be alert) so I did not get to sleep properly for an hour or so.

Saturday was therefore a bit of a wash-out for me as I was just recharging my batteries for the week. Today we plan to get out and about a bit with the dogs.

Next week we have a holiday coming up. I am working from home on Monday so I can fit in a dental appointment and a rare visit to a School Governor meeting before driving back down to the hotel in the evening. Hopefully I can get a swim in on Tuesday morning and be at my desk before 8am.

It is my birthday on Friday and I have the day off so I get to head home on Thursday. Fingers crossed that I can get away early.

We have relatives in as house-sitters whilst we head off camping in Pembrokeshire for the week. We have been doing this for several years now but missed out last years because I had back problems. My back is still a bit iffy, but I am being very careful and am hopeful that I shall be okay. At least I will not have to do much fetching and carrying (somewhat embarrassing actually as I am used to being strong and able to move most things).

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