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I have just bitten the bullet and bought the latest version of Mind Manager having stopped a pattern of personal investment over many years when they went a bit weird on their licensing for a while.

In the meantime, been using all sorts of packages for a good while, most recently freeplane (having tried freemind first and finding the fork did some things a little bit better).

Very disappointed that the two products could not speak a common language. Thinking “surely XML” would cut it.

A quick google found a blog post from Scott Bilas. He explains simply selecting all in a map and pasting that into a document editor (notepad and the like) and then copying all that and pasting into Mind Manager does the trick. It certainly does.

I vaguely recalled my surprise when I had pasted the contents of a freeplane map from the clipboard to a document editor (probably Word) some time ago. As soon as I saw his post, I knew it would work.  He saved me a lot of time.

Mind Manager is still expense and is now really a subscription model like Office 365 and the like although you can stop and retain the full working latest version on your PC.  It is still a joy to use though, especially when working with complex project plans.

The free freemind and freeplane java based mind mapping tools are great though for ad hoc mapping tasks. Did I mention they are free?

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