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I have just bought a 1993 Mercedes S-Class LWB S500 W140, with 85,000 miles on the clock. Cost me £2800 ($4372).2014 - 1

It was a joy to look out of my bedroom window the following morning and see it sat at the back of the rest of the family vehicles. A great trick of perspective makes it look smaller than the other cars, until you start to adjust and notice its size against the large double garage I parked it next to.

This is my second W140. I had a later model SWB S280 around 10 years ago that I loved, but _downgraded_ (as I later saw it) to a W220 S320 which proved to be something of a lemon. Had lots of problems and moved on to more run-of-the-mill cars.

The original radio was left for me loose in the boot, where the original CD changer can still be found. A basic aftermarket head unit was in the dash, that I had a local store replace with a modern bluetooth and digital radio unit.

I have a really good mechanic giving it a really good going over today, and replacing a few parts such as brake discs, to make sure the car is in tip top condition. Fingers crossed that he does not find any major problems.

Sadly, I am not at all mechanically minded, but I still love these machines and fortunately know a few people that are handy with them. To me, the car is in great condition inside and drives smoothly and brilliantly. There are of course no squeaks or creaks, it is after all a Mercedes from when they overengineered them and has relatively low mileage for such a car. I have a full MB service history until the last few years where the evidence shows it has done very little mileage.  The bodywork is in great condition. There was one dent over the passenger doors, and a few light scratches, all of which the dealer has done a great job of removing.

Apart from needing some new tyres, the car is in excellent condition. I have a two year warranty on it, freshly serviced, new MoT (UK Ministry of Transport roadworthy test certificate), and a free service in 12 months.

The front tyres were still 1993 originals and legal, just about! The rear tyres were Dunlops that are no longer made. The spare tyre was an unused 1993 tyre still in great condition, so I have retained that.

I do not know if the wiring loom has been replaced, happy to arrange that if it turns out to be the original biodegradable type and in poor condition. Not a humid climate in the UK though, so tend not to wear as much.

[photo is courtesy of  who has a bedroom a few windows away from mine]

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