Bad night, gone home

The hotel room was still not being heated properly so I got them to change me to another room. The room was not of the same standard but seemed fine to me and was as warm as I wanted it to be which helped me out a lot.

Despite being in a warm room though, I still coughed myself through most of the night and felt completely shattered in the morning. I decided to heed the advice of several colleagues, and headed for home:

  • taxi to railway station
  • train to Paddington
  • tube to Euston Square
  • walk to Euston station
  • intercity train to Stafford
  • lift home from my wife (yeh!)

From the looks I was getting on the train to Stafford, you would think everyone thought I was exposing them to the risks of the plague.

Still, made it home in one very unwell and tired piece. Have recovered enough to write this but know I will have another coughing fit shortly.

Seeing the Doc this evening.

One thought on “Bad night, gone home

  1. Still suffering after the weekend. I was originally not keen to give in at work and return home [a colleague suggested: “I am not your mother, but have you thought about seeing a doctor?] not least because of hassles around the failure of my work laptop but it seems that it was a good thing I did. I had a chest infection and have been on antibiotics to help clear this.

    The virus driving the cough overall is fighting hard but I am starting to improve. Not been able to do much for last few days – get tired very very easily. Fingers crossed that I shall be well within a few more days.

    I cancelled my travel and hotel arrangements for this week so I can recover properly – I made a mistake of returning to work too early previously.

    In the meantime, my laptop has been taken away for repair. Should be back tomorrow.

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