Bojangles swing band in Whitchurch

Bojangles are a recently formed swing band group in the Midlands. They performed in Whitchurch in April 2008 in support of a fund-raising event for an overseas school-trip to an under-privileged region. [If someone can send me the proper details, I shall include them here.]


We know on the band members, the pianist, very well and also know the organiser of the event.

We are not great fans of swing but felt it was a nigh out and supporting friends so we decided to go. Our pianist friend invited us to stop by her house on the way to the event for a drink before the session. We were able to follow them to the venue and got some help parking.

Someone had done a good job on dressing up the venue just enough.

The band were impressive in my humble view and we did in fact enjoy the music.

The food was excellent and, unusually, served early. It was a hog-roast and several of the guests were clearly put-off their food when they could see the hog even though they were not vegetarians.

Seating was prearranged but sadly we knew know one at our table. We were introduced and made conversation but really did not make much headway. One of the people on our table was a surgeon and basically called me a liar when I told him about my allergy to cheese on the grounds that he had not come across this before. Given the intense medical attention my allergy had been given over many years, I had plenty of ammo to challenge with but saw no reasons to put him out of his ignorance. Fortunately, our piano-playing friend had asked me to take some photos of the band so this gave me something to do.

We had been advised that we could move around but we are a very shy couple and find it very hard to introduce ourselves to new people. I can do it reasonably easily in a work context – like playing a part – but not socially. My wife is pretty much the same. Raised in a vicarage, very used to the social role-play required to support her father, not so good representing herself. We get better as we get older, but it is still not easy. I feel a little bit like that hat.

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