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The Key by Pauline Baird Jones

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 141976   Reading time: 405-567 min.
Last download: 2010-07-06 04:50:58
Description: When Sara Donovan joins Project Enterprise she finds out that what doesn’t kill her makes her stronger…. An Air Force pilot–the best of the best to be assigned to this mission–Sara isn’t afraid to travel far beyond the Milky Way on an assignment …

Reality Wars [Book Two of Space Time Inc.] by James Pittaro

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 40879   Reading time: 116-163 min.
Last download: 2010-07-06 04:50:51
Description: The war continues and opposing forces struggle for control of the Universe. The true effect, of mans tinkering with reality, is about to be revealed; which could lead to the destruction of the Imperium, and perhaps the very fabric of the space and ti…

Space Time Inc. [Book 1 – The Experiment] by James Pittaro

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 41445   Reading time: 118-165 min.
Last download: 2010-06-27 05:53:01
Description: The year is 3809AD . The Altex Corporation has many research and development facilities, scattered around the far corners of the Imperium. Mankind has reached across these vast distances using the newly developed H-Drive technologies, and has also be…

Deathworld II: The Ethical Engineer by Harry Harrison

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 42777   Reading time: 122-171 min.
Last download: 2010-06-27 05:52:57
Description: On the planet Pyrrus, human colonists have fought a centuries-old war with the native life forms. These life forms adapt to human tactics and technology, evolving new species so rapidly that natives returning from even brief trips off planet must be …

Max and Me by Barton Paul Levenson

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 61306   Reading time: 175-245 min.
Last download: 2010-06-22 07:20:45
Description: A cat’s life isn’t always leisurely…especially if you’re a talking one. "Gunner" Dahlquist makes a living piloting his freelanced ship, The Rockside Hopper. A cynical, but optimistic veteran of Beast War III, Gunner brought one good thing away fro…

Discarded Faces by Betty Cross

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 96769   Reading time: 276-387 min.
Last download: 2010-05-08 06:42:07
Description: Fifth Earth, a colony planet cut off from the mother planet, drags itself up from environmental disaster to a 21st century level–complete with all the problems of crime, gangs, and drugs.

Shedding Light by Michael Edelson

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 24593   Reading time: 70-98 min.
Last download: 2010-05-28 06:42:35
Description: A combination of faster-than-light travel and an energy field telescope made it possible: outrun the light leaving the Earth and gaze back in time. For US Navy Commander Jack Roberts, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. Chosen as a last minute repla…

The Frontier Rebellion by Darrell Bain

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 102568   Reading time: 293-410 min.
Last download: 2010-05-28 06:42:30
Description: The Freedom Alliance consists of twenty frontier planets which revolt against the tyranny of the corporation-controlled Earth but above all against their corporate masters that control almost every facet of life on their planets. The surprise revolt …

The Practice Effect by David Brin

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-05-28 06:42:54
Description: Dennis Nuel, a bright but unpopular physicist, is sent to another world via an experimental machine. There, he learns that something is not quite the same as on our world…one of the laws of physics is…off. This book is so full of puns and low com…

TimeSplash by Graham Storrs

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 94780   Reading time: 270-379 min.
Last download: 2010-05-28 06:42:47
Description: Jumping back in time is harmless and fun–until people start getting killed. Sandra’s ex boyfriend, Sniper, has a special place in her heart — she’s dedicated to hunting him down and killing him. Jay lost his best friend to Sniper’s terrorist activ…

Under the Dome: A Novel by Stephen King

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-28 07:09:57
Description: On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester’s Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. Planes crash into it and fall from the sky in flaming wreckage, a gardener’s …

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Genesis Wave Book 1 by John Vornholt

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-28 07:10:53
Description: When the Klingon Empire tried to steal the secrets behind the Genesis Device, Starfleet destroyed the project records. Now, a century later, all that remains of Genesis is stored in the mind of Dr. Carol Marcus– who is missing. Earth and the Romu…

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Genesis Wave Book 2 by John Vornholt

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-28 07:10:27
Description: Like an unstoppable cosmic storm, the dreaded Genesis Wave continues to sweep across the Alpha Quadrant, transrorming entire planets on a molecular level and threatening entire civilizations with extinction. Based on the long-hidden scientific secret…

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Genesis Wave: Book 3 by John Vornholt

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-28 07:10:43
Description: The Genesis Wave wiped out the populations of entire planets, creating bizarre new landscapes and life-forms in its path. The Enterprise stopped the wave, and the alien race that launched it. But the Wave has weakened the walls between our dime…

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Before Dishonor by Peter David

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-08 10:21:42
Description: An enemy so intractable that it cannot be reasoned with. The entire race thinks with one mind and strives toward one purpose: to add our biological distinctiveness to their own and wipe out individuality, to make every living thing Borg. In over two …

Star Trek: Titan: The Red King by Michael A. Martin

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-08 12:16:23
Description: Investigating the disappearance of a secret Romulan fleet, the U.S.S. Titan, commanded by Captain William Riker, is unexpectedly propelled more than 200,000 light-years into the Small Magellanic Cloud. One of the Milky Way’s satellite galaxies, the C…

Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night Book 1 by David Mack

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-01-28 07:05:40
Description: Half a decade after the Dominion War and more than a year after the rise and fall of Praetor Shinzon, the galaxy’s greatest scourge returns to wreak havoc upon the Federation–and this time its goal is nothing less than total annihilation.Elsewhere, …

Star Trek: Destiny [Mere Mortals Book II] by David Mack

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-06-26 03:47:40
Description: On Earth, Federation President Nanietta Bacco gathers allies and adversaries to form a desperate last line of defense against an impending Borg invasion. In deep space, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Ezri Dax join together to cut off the Collect…

Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls by David Mack

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-07-12 06:39:45
Description: The soldiers of Armageddon are on the march, laying waste to worlds in their passage. An audacious plan could stop them forever, but it carries risks that one starship captain is unwilling to take. For Captain Jean-Luc Picard, defending the future ha…

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny by Keith R. A. DeCandido

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2009-12-19 08:11:44
Description: The cataclysmic events of Star Trek: Destiny have devastated known space. Worlds have fallen. Lives have been destroyed. And in the uneasy weeks that follow, the survivors of the holocaust continue to be tested to the limits of their endurance.But st…

Traveler by David Yates

Category: Science Fiction
Words: 76479   Reading time: 218-305 min.
Last download: 2010-04-04 07:46:04
Description: It has been theorized that humans use only about ten percent of the power of their minds. Meet Braden, an incredibly gifted young man who has learned to tap into the other ninety percent. Pursued by a powerful group of men, Braden finds that he must …

Earth by David Brin

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2010-04-04 07:46:21
Description: The long-awaited new novel by the award-winning, bestselling author of Startide Rising and The Uplift War–an epic novel set fifty years from tomorrow, a carefully-reasoned, scientifically faithful tale of the fate of our world. "One hell of a novel …

Star Trek: Titan: Synthesis by James Swallow

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2009-12-19 11:01:30
Description: Captain Riker leads the starship Titan toward contact with a civilization made up of artificial intelligences

The Clone Betrayal by Steven Kent

Category: Science Fiction
Last download: 2009-12-05 03:09:42

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