Broke my specs

With amazing timing, I have broken my specs. This is a recent pair with good quality varifocal lenses with severa coatings. I think the frames were from an older Vision Express pair – my first varifocals which were not good (Vision Express had given me an inferior and older design of varifocal lens – guess that is how they keep their prices down). Sadly, reusing the frames turned out to be a false economy because they failed last night.

With brilliant timing, I left my reading glasses at home for the first time (these are also a new thing for me so I have not yet properly developed the habit of always having these with me).

I am now using an old single vision pair of specs and, frankly, struggling to see the screen. I think I am going to have to find a specs-in-one-hour place locally and get me some cheap but prescription based reading glasses or I shall not be able to get much work done this week.

My wife works at an opticians (a small local firm) where I got my decent quality varifocal specs but whether or not they can produce a new pair before we head off on holiday is to be established. Fingers crossed.

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