Build a new PC day

Somewhat reluctantly, my wife mentioned to me yesterday morning that the computer used by my eldest daughter was on the blink. I must be a bit of an ogre at times as they were worried about telling me in case I reacted badly, blamed her for not looking after it and ranted and raved as I filled with it to get it to work.

Instead, I put a smile on face and went to play. It would not power up at all. Pulled it apart and checked all the wiring and all seemed sound so grabbed an older PSU that whilst I knew it would not be up to the job of power the full systems (dual SLI PCI-E cards amongst other things) I knew would be enough to power up the motherboard. It did so I knew it was the PSU that was fried.

Fingers crossed, headed off to PC World (I only go there as a last resort – I know Dixons tend to overprice stuff and a lot of the gear is older models BUT any-port-in-a-storm). To my surprise, whilst I was looking through the frankly underpowered selection an assistant popped up in front of us and understood what I said and took us quickly to a range of more powerful PSUs that were hidden away a little. He quickly found us some suitable candidates.

We had a bit of a delay at the till because the couple in front were buying a satnav and had an address (the checkout guy insisted he needed it) not recognised by their system and then, shock, paid with cash. The checkout-guy looked at the cash in horror and apologised as he left the till to find someone to check the cash. Nope. I don’t know why he needed to do this either. The couple and I discussed for a while. Eventually he returned with another guy, they studied the money for a while and decided it was acceptable. Weird.

We sailed through with a debit card and no request for an address.

Back at home, fitting the PSU proved to be a very quick job helped by the unit having lots of sockets to drive particular parts of the computer rather than being prewired with a rat’s nest.

The computer powered up fine but refused to go into graphics mode properly. Not even simple mode. I removed one of the graphics cards in case the load was too high for the new PSU. Still no joy. I had a fish through on of far-too-many boxes of computer bits and found another PCI-E card with less demanding power requirements (didn’t even have its own power socket) and put that in. Still no joy.

Next step, the build in full system recovery operation that restores bits of Windows etc. Looked like it had gone well. No problems with the disk drive at any time.

This morning, the system failed going into Windows. Nothing.

Time for a new motherboard and processor as far as I am concerned. So here I am on my laptop. looking for a computer-fair nearby. I am typing because there aren’t any!

Looks like I will have to resort to buying something online and doing the work next week.

Guess she will have to borrow my desktop in the meantime – not as if I get much chance to use it anyway.

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