Car for my eldest

Just drove a nearly new Golf home for my very lucky eldest daughter. She has tried many cars but has been learning in a Golf and it seemed a more practical and longer term proposition than some of the more popular first car choices (such as Fiat 500, Citroen C1) which would not have been ideal for us to drive either.

I had a Volvo XC90 that we had hung on to for far too long especially in light of the slump in the popularity of 4×4s. It has had little use since I took on a company car back in April. We have lost out by not selling it privately long ago but I had thought my better half who has an older BMW Series 5 Tourer would have decided to sell her car in favour of using the newer Volvo but she never got on with it.

I decided yesterday, whilst laid down on the coach watching TV and trying to get rid of a nasty winter cold, that it was time to cut our losses and trade in the Volvo for a decent alternative suitable for my daughter. Did the deal yesterday, took the car away today. I am happy with the deal I made. I know I could have done better with a lot more shopping around or selling the car privately but frankly, it was not worth the hassle (I work away during the week and my wife is not into the car selling game).

The good news is that my daughter is extremely happy and will be able to get some decent practice in now between driving lessons (she was not able to drive any of the cars we had – all were automatics and large engines so too expensive to insure her to use). I also now have a personal car I can use at weekends if I feel like it.

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