Car fuel efficiency

I have had my Mondeo company car for a little while now but have not been seeing substantially better fuel performance than I was getting with the Volvo XC90 which is a much heavier car with a larger engine.

Typically I was coming in at around 35mpg. Various reviews suggested I should be getting at least 40 and closer to 50.

The cause of the problem is, of course, my heavy right foot. I accelerate too aggresively, brake too hard, and generally drive too fast anyway.

Given the huge increase in fuel costs, I obviously have an incentive to become a little more frugal.

Driving down from Shropshire to Stockley Park this morning I reset the trip computer and made every effort to drive very steadily (I even used cruise-control to keep to 55 miles per hour for long stretches on the M40).

I left at 7am (much later than usual) and arrived at the office just after 10am (earlier than some recent longer trips) and felt reasonably relaxed (I had listened to a good Audible book on the way down).

Best of all, my MPG average for the journey overall was 51.2 – wow! It was striking that during the latter part of the journey, the occasional burst of accleration to overtake or avoid problems would bring that average down very rapidly.

I think a few days tootling between the office and the hotel before heading back home on Friday evening will bring that average down somewhat but I hope I can achieve similar results when I do do the return trip. I am proud of myself.

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