Company Car

Well, finally done it and returned to the company car fold after years of running my own cars. I have just decided I no longer want the ad-hoc expenses and hassles of running my own car – the tax savings are simply not worth it to me any more.

I have not gone over the top though… just gone for a humble Mondeo and have left behind the fancy Mercedes of the past.

When I say “humble”… actually, I am going for a fancy specification:


  • Vehicle Details: Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0D Titanium X
  • Transmission: Automatic


  • Metallic Paint
  • Keyless Entry (no need to search my pockets for the key)
  • Bi-Xnn ilo Hdlmp AFS (I need all the light I can get)
  • Park Assist (front and back – really appreciate these things)
  • Roof Rails-Brght Fns (must support the camping activities)
  • Front climate control seats (maximum comfort for me)
  • Rear heated seats (keep the kids happy)
  • Driver seat 8-way adjustment (protect my back)
  • Advanced Bluetooth and voice control (ok, I am a techie)
  • Fixed Tow Bar (camping gear)
  • IVDC with CDC (er, yes, I know it is a good thing, just not memorable)
  • Solar Reflect Windsc (keep it a bit cooler in the car park)

Current delivery date looks like mid-May.


  • Lease Term: 36
  • Cost of Ownership: £508.89 from my monthly car allowance


I think total list value is around £27k, so a lot cheaper than the original list price of my cars over the last few years although I do not buy new. Tax will be based on 40% of this adjusted for CO2 rating.


CO2 is around 189g/km which is not great but much better than my current Volvo XC90 and previous S-Class Mercedes.

Well, no car is brilliant for the environment and I am using the trains as much as possible for work again. There are times though when I have no practical choice work wise but to go by car.

I am not a small man so need a car from the “larger” category just to fit in comfortably and not cause myself more back problems when I have to drive.

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