I am not a car snob nor am I am environmentalist

At least, I don’t think I am a car snob. I decided earlier this year to go back to having a company car to save hassle. I chose a Ford Mondeo. This was after having two S-Class Mercedes and a Volvo XC90 as personal cars. I am a big guy and not many cars are roomy enough or comfortable enough for me. I was surprised to find that the Mondeo was more suitable for me than my wife’s Series 5 BMW.

I could have gone for a modest engine size. I didn’t. I went with a 2 litre diesel automatic – so not the worst option but not the best either. When I try, I can get over 50mpg but most of the time I am closer to 38/39mpg – may start to work harder if the fuel prices continue to go up. I should mention that the car is also an estate format, so again, not the most efficient.

The boot generally has lots of stuff in it, so I have done little to optimise the weight to reduce fuel usage. I have roof bars on as well.

Several colleagues have gone for very frugal cars, others have fallen for the Toyota Prius hype – Toyota claim 65.7mpg in mixed motoring for this car yet most real-world tests and reports from owners come out at around 50mpg. I like this comparison with a modern Beemer done by The Times which showed very little difference in consumption between the two cars and I know which I would have preferred to have been in.

Another colleague has just ordered a pretty high-spec Audio A4 with performance (as in fast) as a key criteria. He is not green in the same way that Jeremy Clarkson isn’t (i.e. somewhat tongue in cheek and slightly exaggerated anti-green) and to help wind people up as much as possible likes to go for the ridiculous but logically sustainable arguments to justify he own environmental stance.

I do get some stick from my kids on green issues but one of them likes to be in a cold room so has her a/c on very high most nights. I expect all their peers to be somewhat green in their attitudes and have been surprised to find that, almost without exception, they are pretty much anti-green. Simply do not believe in global warming and their part in it.

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