My car’s broken

Wouldn’t you know it – I have two weeks of holiday which I am spending at home for a change and my [company] car has be taken away for repair.

I took my youngest off to an ice skating lesson on Tuesday and a bit of road debris burst a tyre and damaged bodywork around the wheel arch. It happened only a short distance away from the ice rink so I was able to park up there and call the leasing company. It seems it was a busy day and it took a few hours to get a flat-bed to me to take my car away. It took Hertz even longer to get a replacement hire car to me, so I was hanging around in this car park from around 9am to 2pm.

Hertz did say they had tried to deliver the car to the car park earlier but could not find me or get an answer on my mobile. Odd as others managed to call me on my mobile without problems. It didn’t help that I had been told to look out for a Focus and the actually provided a Golf. The delivery drivers had not been told I was sitting in the car park in a large blue Mondeo Estate. Unsurprisingly, when they asked for me at the reception desk of the Ice Rink, they got no help. So, I waved my car off on the flat-bed around 12.30 and kicked my heals in the car park anticipating rain (that never arrived) until the Golf turned up. Fortunately, we also have a Golf at home as a run-around which my elder daughter (17) uses as well so she had been able to take my younger daughter home after the skating lesson (rather than sitting/standing around with me), and I felt reasonably as home driving the Golf which has a manual gear-box whereas my car is an automatic.

Just spoke to the accident management people, and they have an estimated completion of repair date of a week today. Ouch.

I miss my car. Hope I get it back in time for my return to work. I have to drive to Swansea now (180 miles) and I do not think I will be comfortable doing that in the Golf.

One thought on “My car’s broken

  1. Ah, delivered back to me at home yesterday, as good as new. I am glad they brought to me as I was not sure where it had been taken.

    Now just waiting for hire company to collect the rental.

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