So much for 24 hour car windscreen replacement

I got a stone chip on my window last Friday. Fortunately it was near the bottom of the screen located centrally between driver and passenger positions.

By midday Saturday, a crack had developed from the original strike to a vertical length of around 4 inches. Still not obscuring my screen.

I have a company car and window replacement is covered by Autoglass. I am told that they offer a 24 hour replacement services. I called them and they made an appointment to come to me where I work on the following Tuesday (rather than at home the following day). There was some confusion about where I was going to be located – why does everyone insist on knowing the post code, it was not as if I had asked to deliver a parcel. [This is a rhetorical question – I do know the reasons.]

On Sunday, I got a phone call from the Lincoln branch of Autoglass who wanted to check the appointment details and my location. They do not cover my location. In the absence of a post-code, the job had been allocated to the wrong branch. They said they would transfer me the correct branch.

Later on Sunday I got a call from the Heathrow branch. The earliest they could come to me was Thursday.

Everyone I had spoken with assured me that I was not at any risk, the glass was laminated and would not shatter and cave in on me [unless hit by another stone methinks]. The crack does not seem to be growing and my vision is not obscured. As long as I have an appointment, I am, apparently, covered legally.

Autoglass van and man turned up this morning – bang on the start time of the window for the appointment. As it happens, I was near the front entrance of the building I am working in and was able to wander out and greet him and get a lift to my car (my knee hurts so I was happy to avoid walking the two or three blocks to the overflow car park I use).

As soon as we pulled up next to my carefully located car, the Autoglass man says "I have the wrong glass." He had a basic "green" screen and not the "Solar, heated with autosensor" type my car has. Shame as I have given the correct details on the initial call to Autoglass.

He called his local depot, hopefully. No joy. His office then checked more widely. He apologised and told me that they would have to order one from Ford. He his office would call me to make another appointment.

Less than an hour later, their office called to advise me that Ford do not have in stock in the UK either and that they would have to get one from Germany. This would take a few days. Autoglass will call me back with a new appointment once they have the glass.

So much for that 24 hour service.

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