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Not a very interesting, or very original title, but the context is simple: Do I write a rant at being blogged, and having my inner most secrets shared to the world, or do I try and move the debate forward by posting such challenging articles as ‘no matter how much CO2 my cars belches out, its still a lot better than the crappy bendy bus I got stuck behind’, or ‘why do store bought sandwiches never have fillings in the corners?’. But no – I think I will summarise my day – so the title should read “The curve of pissedoffaneze”’

I am now being being berated by the site owner – about my inability to use the tools he has provided – anyone would think he was a client. Anyway…. Oops Late Breaking news – apparently there are wikis on this site – be warned!!!!

The curve of Pissedoffaneze – is a simple concept – there are ups and downs, if you can be bothered to google ‘curve of emotional change’ you will get the picture – I will ask Kyber to put a picture in to help – he may do he may not, who can say.

So this week – I arranged delivery dates for the afformentioned and suitably loaded (and its not like a little bit loaded – its loaded) car, good emotion. Then I arranged to get, in one persons opinion (though again according to the Kybe – she is brain changed (formally wrote as challenged but been auto corrected by the slap on the arm filter!) to get an Air Tattoo, but as I am going with my Dad and Brother I guess its a team tattoo if thats the collective noun – good emotion.

Then of course it was pay day 🙂 – V Good emotion. Ohh – and the team have added to the worlds CO2 emmissions by buying fruit from all over the world, and driving to the store to buy fruit, and making sure it has tons of plastic packaging on it, plus they bought some Blokey Fruit (Jaffa Cakes) but these were ‘own brand’ – so this is a good and bad emotion.

Team dinner last night, great company, used my jungle skills to protect the team from the possible and likely car jacking in Windsor – why does HMTQ live in such a dodgy area? – Good night. But you can have too big a steak, and Tiramisu is better without dead flies in it apparently. The premise of if the beer is good enough for Valentino Rossi its good enough for me – is one to go through life with.

But fundamentally this week – despite the goods, mediocre week emotionally. Why? How many bads off set a good? How come the gradient of good (and this makes no sense if Kipper has not posted the picture) is so much shallower than the gradient of the bad? Why do we get so upset when it goes wrong? Why does the Marriott have own brand sweetner? Why are we suprised when people and things go wrong? Why can’t people be as good at doing what they commited to as drivng a car?

But, its only Thursday, and we move in the fastest of industries and projects – so it will as always be a good week. There are 143 people here who have done something that no one else has ever done before, and if my Granny was alive – she would use it weekly – HOW CAN THAT BE BAD? Of course the other Grand Mother – would not been seen dead in ‘one of those places’ – posh was Nanny Jean!

Cypher has just been presented with a change request to add a Spell Check button – it doesn’t need to work, just needs to be there – kind of like a kitchen aid mixer apparently!

Parting thought; alas not one of mine: Seek first to understand, then be understood.

2 thoughts on “To Blog or not to Blog

  1. “How come the gradient of good is so much shallower than the gradient of the bad?”

    The human body is really bad at judging temperature. Stick one hand in very warm water and the other in fairly cold water then switch both to tepid water and your brain gets a bit confused. We are good at the change but not the measure. The same applies to the good/bad cycles – we do no apply a level playing field. The bad is for most people most of the time not actually that bad and the goods have to be really really good to stand out.

    Our expectations on what can be achieved are often well ahead of what many people can deliver on a regular basis even though collectivelly amazing things can be achieved. This expectation is a key differentiator for leaders and visionaries. Ability to execute being the final arbitrator.

    Next, why do traffic lights spend more time on red than green? (This will be of special concern to the speed freeks.)

  2. Sigh! Typical bloomin’ consultant … er, nope – that’s someone else. Okay, which cycle could he be referring to here? There are so so many models…. let’s look a few:

    I like this one.

    but how about:

    or this:

    [The diagrams above come from the RapidBI website – handy for the MBAless wanting to polish up their two-by-two diagrams.]

    I think the most appropriate diagram for the purchase of his “fully loaded” gas-guzzler is the one to illustrate the hype-cycle:

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