Car insurance for the young

Had a shock last weekend. My youngest has turned 17 and is taking driving lessons. As expected, she is pretty much a natural and will probably not need many lessons before she can take (and pass) the tests.

Unfortunately, all of our cars are automatics which will not let her get practice on using the gearbox and clutch. However, still useful for learning road craft, getting used to driving around, judging things.

We asked our insurance company (Direct Line) for quotes to add her to the insurance. They would not quote – do not ensure on cars of our level for 17 year old. We hit the comparison websites. Quotes raised from between £4500 and £6500.!!! Argh!!!

For obvious reasons, we then started to look for options. Buying a car with class 1 insurance was the best bet. Older cars seemed to cost more. Engines over 1.2 litres cost lots more. Not much else made a difference (even a £1000 excess) – I suppose the risk of damage to other people rather than the the insured vehicle is the issue. A new C1 was just about the only thing to come in below £1000.

The insurance companies are wise to the youngsters not being named as the main driver these days. Seems there is little choice but to buy something and get her onto the insurance track record road.

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