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Pretty much every week since August 2009, I have driven down to Swansea from my home town in the Telford area every Monday morning and back home on a Thursday evening.

Much of the time I see beautiful scenery that I think would make for fantastic landscape photography. Usually though the timing is wrong and the light is nor right, I don’t have the time to stop, or I do not have suitable equipment with me.

Actually, the last excuse is a bit weak. I usually have my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 compact camera which I bought a few years ago as a compliment to my digital SLR camera on the basis that is produced very high quality pictures for a compact (despite the smaller sensor size), had full manual control (not true of all compact cameras), and could shoot in RAW mode (very unusual for a compact camera). I usually have the camera this camera with me, but I have not used it much.

Today was a Bank Holiday. To save an early morning drive on Tuesday morning, I decided to drive down Monday evening. I pulled up after a couple of hours in a lay-by next to a Church to have a driving break. The “golden hour” was just coming to an end and I realised the church next to me should make for a great subject.

With only a couple of minutes left, I grabbed the camera, switched to manual mode (fiddled with the controls a bit – have not used the camera enough for it to be instinctive) and tried a few positions and quick grabs.

Light processing in Lightroom (required for RAW files to sharpen them if nothing else) has produced a photograph that I am actually pleased with.

When will I take another one though?

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