• First, hope on a bus from the office to the nearest train station which is at West Drayton
  • Train from West Drayton to London Paddington
  • Underground from London Paddington to Euston Square
  • Walk from Euston Square to London Euston
  • Train from London Euston to Stafford
  • Car from Stafford station to home (30 mins).

It looked like we would be 10 minutes early into Stafford last night. However, there had been problems in the station earlier in the day (probably weather related) and we ended up “queueing” outside the station for half-an-hour.

There was then a lot more road traffic getting out of the station.

Still, I have had worse car journeys. I have been working on the same project since July 2007 and have seen traffic problems regularly (mainlt because of accidents). I use a lot of roads to get home that are well know for heavy traffic and regular problems including: M4, M25, M40, M42, M6 (actually, I use the M6 Toll as much as possible) and the A5.

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