Cooking on my birthday

My 41st birthday was last Sunday (23rd May fans). We have made some interesting new friends recently thanks to my eldest making friends at School. So, we invited a couple of families to join us for a Sunday dinner cooked by yours truly. Given that one of the families has 5 children and the other 2 this meant we had 15 people to feed.

Well, I managed it. It was by all accounts a tremendous success.

I did roast pork and slow cooked beef and a huge range of vegetables. We put two tables together and extended into the dining room.

Just to make life interested, I decided in the morning that my wife was right after all about the carpet in the dining room and that it had to go. What my wife had not expected was that I would suddenly decide to do it that morning: it was hell of an effort but the planks underneath look reasonable. Certainly better than the carpet. Once they have been properly sanded down, repaired (minor), and varnished they will look wonderful.

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