Description of film on TV give in The Independent today

Channel Five 10pm FILM Maximum Risk (Ringo Lam 1996 US) Smash-bang-wallop with Jean-Claude van Damme. To bother you with plot or character details would be to work harder than the scriptwriters.

Brilliant. I do like the pithy little comments the usual have on their TV pages.

Having decided to blog this, I thought I should make more effort than the scriptwriters. I like this summary of the plot from IMDb:

A policeman takes his twin brother’s place and inherits his problems and a beautiful girlfriend. He is forced to kickbox his way from France to the U.S. and back while playing footsie with the FBI and Russian mafia. Not just muscles with a badge, the policeman must find the answers to some tough questions, none harder than what the heck is an accordian player doing in a sauna. Written by Greg Mintz {}

Funny thing is that I have this film on now in the background. I didn’t leave the office until around 9pm tonight so this film is probably just about the right level for me.

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