Doctor Who Day and the Fish Tank

We are not exactly fanatics, I mean we do not dress up, but we are fans. My kids do not watch much tv but this is one of the exceptions (as are Torchwood and Heroes) and we tend to watch it as a family and unusually watch when it is broadcast (rather than one playback at our convenience).

Saturdays then do not revolve around Doctor Who but we do look forward to sitting down together at the appointed time having had a nice tea together first.

Often the kids are off with [different] friends hanging out in the local shopping centres and at each others homes and the wife and I are free to do as we wish. A key, and relatively new task, for me is cleaning out my fish tank. Usually, each weekend I change around 20% of the water – this involved using a manual siphon-pump into a bucket (5 times), using the extracted water to rinse off some parts of the filtration system (do not want to use clean chlorinated water and kill all the good bacteria),and then refilling the tank carefully with chemically dechlorinated tap water. The pressure of the siphon also picks up and then drops the gravel at the bottom of the tank whilst retaining bits of food debris therefore allowing mean to "clean the gravel".

Over the last few weeks, the newer of our two rescue dogs has been undergoing training. Kitch is somewhat stronger and more boisterous than Tag is an extremely docile and friendly dog. Both dogs are medium sized and extremely fit and healthy and run most other dogs into the ground. My wife takes him training (and effectively undergoes some owner training herself) – as she spends more time with the dogs than me, this seems for the best. One of the reasons for delaying our camping holiday by a day and returning next Friday rather than Saturday is to complete the dog training (last two sessions for the current course).

The other main activity for the day then is preparing to go off camping the following morning, The SO had already done most of the critical packing of the trailer (a very large trailer that came to us a few years previously as a flat-pack kit that she and my youngest daughter put together with the help of a couple of handy blokes to turn the emerging trailer over from time to time). As the boot of the car was to have two dogs in it, we also needed to make use of a roof-box.

Getting a large roof-box from the garage onto the top of the car has got to be classic territory for causing back problems and given that we did not got camping last year because I could hardly move, this was worrying but as it turned out, the roof-box was located on top of a pile of stuff next to the packed trailer and I was able to slide it over and onto my head with no twisting or significant bending and from there was able to slide it onto the roof of my car again with relative ease. Securing it with the provided clamps whilst on top of a wet and slippy step ladder (it was raining heavily) was less fun but also completed without new injury.

Well, all packed and ready to go in the morning.

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