Dogs playing together

It is a joy to see them play together.

Today we took them in local woods and started throwing sticks for them in the traditional manner. With longer sticks, whichever dog found the prize first then had to content with the other trying to steal the stick whilst hoofing it back to us.

After a short while, the bitch (the Belgian Shepherd mix) – who is a couple of years older and has been with us since she was one – sussed the other’s technique and was timing twists and turns to perfection to leave him snapping at thin air.

Must try to capture this on the camera.

One thought on “Dogs playing together

  1. Perhaps this was a mistake. We encouraged more competitive play today and a couple of times they got too agressive. The bitch lost her temper first and growled and snapped but the dog finished each time with the bitch left on the ground wimpering a bit. She now has two or three small bites around her nose that have bled. She seems fine though and still playful and they have been happy with each other since (licking each other’s faces, wagging tales, searching for each other). Perhaps best to not encourage anything too competitive for a while.

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