Dreadful drive to the campsite

The Met office posted severe weather warnings, and they were not kidding. Much of the drive down to Pembrokshire earlier today was in very heavy – torrential – rain. Visibility was obviously very limited. It always takes longer when towing the trailer – not because of any weakness on the part of the car but just because of me being more careful.

We had also made the decision to go as far as possible by motorway for a change. Given we were travelling on the Sunday of a bank-holiday weekend, we did not expect much traffic and were wrong.

A text message from our friends already established at a campsite advised us that there were enjoying a meal in a local pub and watching a football match. They asked if we would like them to book us a table. Not likely – can’t stand football.

Fortunately, when we finally arrived at site (a new site to us, first used by the group the previous year after the usual site of many years for the gathering closed down) it had stopped raining. It was very windy though.

I was obviously tired from a difficult drive and my back was aching worryingly. It is somewhat embarrassing as a 6’ 2" bloke to stand back whilst one’s wife of of 4’ 10" and our two teenage daughters struggled with our extremely large and impressive tent in the high winds. Fortunately, one of our friends came to the rescue and helped secure the multiplicity of pegs and guy ropes.

I did something useful and went and bought some fish-and-chips.

As I write this, it is raining heavily again and is still very windy. Our newer dog, clearly on his first camping trip, has no idea what to make of things and barks at every noise from outside. This will not last long.

Well, at least mobile broadband works… and shortly we shall be off to a tent next door for a few drinks.

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