Driving home

In theory. the latest project I am on is some 36 miles closer to home than my last project and the journey involves less congested routes. The exception is the merger of the M5 and M6 (something I used to miss as I travelled over the top on the M6 Toll). My TomTom’s traffic link told me there was a significant back-log and offered to replan. I chose to come off a junction early but as this was peak time for evening traffic on a Friday night, this turned out to be mistake and I found myself working hard to navigate unfamiliar junctions with lots of lanes, heavy traffic levels, and confusing navigation instructions. It would have been much easier to have sat in a slow moving queue.

Live and learn.

There is another alternative route that involves leaving the motorway much earlier and travelling cross-country.

Another key consideration is when I leave the office on a Friday. On the last project, I had got into the habit of leaving relatively late (around 7pm) by which time traffic had usually eased unless there had been an accident earlier on. Leaving mid-afternoon pretty much always turned out bad. Some colleagues arranged to leave around mid-day or even the day before (and work from home on the last day). This never felt right to me. I have no problems with people working remotely, I am happy to do so myself when the opportunity presents itself, but it was not an ideal arrangement for the project in question (at least, not in the stage of its life I was involved in). To balance things out though, I had changed things so that I did not get up at the crack-of-dawn on a Monday but instead aimed to leave around 7am and do the journey at a steady pace with a short break on the way for some coffee and breakfast.

It will take a while to work out the best way to do things on this latest project.

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