Driving Test

Well done to my eldest daughter (17) for passing her driving test first time. The examiner said that it was one of the best drives he had had for years. She passed with only three minors, one of which was a tactical choice (reversing around a corner: go wide, get a minor; but go narrow and hit the curb, and you fail on a major fault) and the other two were probably down to having a bad cold from me.

The route she took was familiar to her. In fact, she had downloaded all 14 of the test routes (they make the available online!!) and her mother had played the role of the examiner and guided her on all of them. I tried to do my part but became travel sick trying to read the directions.

She said the route was one of the easiest. The examiner was very friendly and happy to talk to her once he realised she was comfortable doing this.

She was the first in her group of friends to pass and so has received a lot of attention. She has already given many of her friends a lift and all are impressed with the quality of her driving. She is smooth and careful and comes over as someone who has been driving for years. She is very observant and keen to learn more.

Fingers crossed that fate is with her and she is not unlucky.

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