Hotel dining

I have spent most weekday nights over the last year in a Crown Plaza hotel. I know the room services menu pretty much off by heart. I am allergic to cheese which knocks out a large chunk of the relatively short menu. I think the food mostly comes from the 3663 food services company, which has a large repertoire but I don’t think I had the best offering tonight.

I uploaded this picture to flickr so my wife could see what I was dining on. (In case you are wondering, under the chicken there is some kind of potato-cake.) Overall, this meal was very salty, insipid and of pretty uniform texture. Apart from that, it was fine.

I generally prefer to eat in my room rather than in the restaurant (which has a bigger menu than room service) on my own. On some project I have done in the past, it has been the norm for me to eat with a group of colleagues most nights it has not worked out this way on the current project, partly because of long working hours, travel arrangements and the distributed nature of the team (throughout a building). We do go out for a meal together every now and then.

I also go for take-away meals regularly, taking them back to my room. (I have to get take-away cutlery and, sometimes plates, as the hotel want to charge, understandably, me £10 to lend me the real stuff when I am not eating their food.) Some of the local places will deliver to the hotel as well but it is usually easier for me to pick something up on the way back from the office.

Does not do much for health eating though. We are even told that sandwitches are not that healthy or safe these days. Hobson’s choice.

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