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I was a regular user of just-eat.co.uk and recommended it to many colleagues who, like me, work away from home a lot, stay in hotels and quickly get fed up of the hotel menus. I did send them some detailed feedback suggesting how they could make their service more helpful to customers like me (adding a receipt option for example) – never got any response on my feedback though.

I recently noticed that there was a new option to enable you to store alternative delivery addresses so you can get deliveries to elsewhere than your home/base location (saves changing it for every hotel).

After taking advantage of this feature for the first time, I was surprised to get a call from just-eat.co.uk telling me that I had not provided a delivery address. The caller told me it was a bad line so I raised my voice and told him I would look up the address on the just-eat systems. The caller objected to me shouting at him and told me I should know where I lived. Clearly not understanding about the new option. I had looked up the full address details of the hotel when I filled in the delivery address but did not remember the details off by heart. He clearly thought I was being an idiot and threatened to end the call.

I persuaded him to stick around, looked up the delivery details on THEIR system and passed them to him. He made no apology for the fact that their system was broken. Food arrived on time and was great.

Filled in feedback form and sent emails and reminders. No apology, nofix announced, etc. Not great customer service. Does not bode well for the future.

I have done a look around and posted the above on a few feedback forums. I notice some people have had no problems and love the site, but there are a significant number of people who have experienced problems and suffered from poor customer service. A key part of the problem is that just-eat seem to take the position that they just pass orders to the restaurants and then it is nothing to do with them. Not sure they can do this legally actually, might be interesting to try.

There is an option to pay with a card when you place the order, but there is a small fee, and frankly I do not trust this option. Seems from other feedback that I was right. Several people have reported multiple-charges, difficulty getting refunds (when for example the delivery times given on the site turn out to be wrong so you have to cancel), and coincidental fraudulent use of the card numbers (I make no accusations here – just follow good practice with regard to when you give out your card details online).

I did really like the service originally as I find it so much easier to work online and browse a menu, select items and see the order value building up. I do now find myself uneasy about the future of this company though. Unless they improve their customer services and processes, they will stumble badly in due course.

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  1. I had a call from just-eat’s “Online Marketing Executive” yesterday. He was made aware of my views thanks to this blog post and someone in the just-eat team drawing it to his attention.

    He listened to me patiently, apologised for the experience I had, and issued me with a £15 voucher.

    He also assured me that the bug I had experienced would be drawn to the attention of the development team as a priority. He was going to do some tests himself first including using the address I had had problems with. He also said that he would feedback to the customer services team with a view to ensuring all staff were trained to provide an appropriate level of service and were fully aware of the capabilities of the just-eat offering.

    Regarding the lack of response to my original form submission and subsequent silence in response to the emails I sent, he indicated that they had only very basic email capabilities at the moment (probably less sophisticated than I personally use) and certainly no helpdesk/support type tracking system or CRM capability to help manage customer communications. Given the number of opensource and low cost solutions out there, I think this is very disappointing. If ever there was a service that needed to be on top of customer communications it must be surely one offering to get hot food to customers quickly.

    My contact also advised that having a remote development team was also proving to be problematic and that they were looking at bringing some capabilities in house to the UK.

    I hope they do improve things quickly. There are plenty of other players out their snapping at their heals who will be keen to overtake them.

    I made an unusual offering. As I have appreciated the service in the past and wish them well, I offered to provide some help to them should they want it. Whether this is in the form of reviewing their website, participating in some kind of user forum, or reviewing their approach and processes I don’t really mind. It will be interesting to see if they take this up.

  2. It is unfortunate when customers have a poor experience using Online Takeaway Portals because it often seems that we all get stuck with the same reputation.

    While Just-Eat are the largest UK portal it stands to reason that through the law of averages more people will have complaints about them. It does concern me about their lack of responsiveness when things go wrong as is demonstrated by various tweets & blog posts.

    I think that not answering customers emails is inexcusable.

    I work for http://www.e-resistible.co.uk/ and can definitely say that every customer’s email has received a reply, very often within minutes.

    Customer service has become rather more important for web based businesses. Gone are the days of a person just telling their friends, now they can blog about it and tell everyone!

  3. Amazing. Thank you Ash. I have now received an email from your Online Marketing Executive, presumably as a direct result of your escalation. Hopefully, I shall have good news in due course.

  4. Hi Stuart,

    Thank you for your email and conerns regarding the address facilty i have forwaded your enquiry onto the customer service department and technical team.

    We are eager to make everyone happy when it comes to using our site and and service.

    I am very sorry you did not feel you had the best service from us. I have escalated this issue internally and someone will be in touch with you.

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