Team meal

Something unusual happened last night. A large group of us working as a temporary critical-delivery team went out for a meal together. We went to an excellent fish & chip cum pub restaurant, Mulligan’s Restaurant & Bar. The place had a tremendous, relaxed and easy-going vibe to it.

The food was excellent as was the company. I ended up over-eating (no great change there). I was caught out by them giving me a very generous main-course sized portion of fried white-bait as my starter followed by a huge portion of fried battered haddock to accompany my chips and mushy peas. In fact, to my shame (old habits die hard), I was unable to finish the haddock.

There were plenty of other fish choices on the menu including sea-bass and sword-fish (two of my favourites) but I had been wanted a very down-to-earth team evening out for so time and it felt right to go for fish-and-chips.

Mulligan’s Restaurant & Bar
Fish a speciality
134 Horton Road,
01753 591173

We were ripped-off on the taxi-cost to get there. A colleague had booked an 8-seater mini-bus taxi through the hotel for some of us. Although the place was less than 10 miles away, we were charged £50. Ridiculous. We got similar sized transport back booked through the restaurant and they charged half this much.

Many of my colleagues decided to make a night of it and headed for the bar when we got back to the hotel. I could not face that – I was tired and no longer have the desire to stay-up for hours drinking. I understand they went on to about 5’o‘clock in the morning!! They were certainly the worse for wear in the office the following morning – but they did make it in, which was impressive. Still, I was glad to not be going through a hangover.

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