A level results day

Last year, Zoë did not worry that much about her A level results as she had chosen to go to Keele Univesity to study Geology and their requirements were, well, not that challenging.

Alexandra had rather more at stake to fill her place at Lancaster for Theatre Studies, so she was very worried on results day. I was not a good Father, and was still at work down in Swansea awaiting the text message.

When the message came through with bad new late in the morning, I was clearly upset. Immediately rang to find out more, and ended up upsetting Alexandra by my being too sympathetic. She had already taken it on board and hit the phones hard calling around for an alternative. Lucy and Zoë and been working hard to help and support her.

Zoë in particular (at home having dropped out of Keele after a term) had developed an almost encyclopediac knowledge of the relative merits and requirements of all the UK universities for a wide variety of universities. Thus, she was able to give clear guidance as to which ones to approach.

It is worth mentioning that she had started the day with an insurance offer in place the results for which she met just from her AS results (did not need to complete her A levels), so no great surprise that she decided in the end to take the brave step of dropping her insurance place and taking her chances through clearing. Naturally, it took a while to get the insurance place removed to allow her to apply elsewhere.

By noon on results day, Alexandra had secured a place in Hull. Phew!

It had taken an incredible performance from Alexandra on a telephone interview that convinced the admissions lecturer that she really knew her stuff, was passionate about theater and drama studies, and had a clear understanding and interest in the curriculum being offered.

There was some confusion over how to record she had a place, that placed some strains on the canal holiday that kicked off the following day. However, in the end, the place was confirmed.

Obviously Alexandra was worried about choosing to go somewhere she had not considered before and had never visited.

We ended our canal holiday a day early, and went to an open day a week after the results. Very impressed with the campus and with the theatre block. The city was also pretty impressive. Hull has a unitary authority covering a pretty small area so suffers disproportionately from reports focusing on problem areas.

Our only major outstanding concern was accommodation. As she had not applied there originally, she would be very late in making arrangements in a very competitive year. Gulp.

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