Burst pipe

The fire alarms went off in the house around 3am this morning and in my rush out of our bedroom door I forgot about the thin covering we had over pipes to our en-suite, fell through and damaged one of the pipes. The damage was done just after a control tap but this meant the tap was unable to stem the flow completely. Plumbing in our home is rather odd to say the least and whilst we know where the overall stop-cock is, we do not know which of the many control valves we need to close to seal off this particular pipe.
The fire alarms were a false alarm – problem some blasted insect crawling into one of the detectors.
The thin coving was there because when the en suite was put in, the floor boards just outside of our room had to be cut to provide access and the builder decided that was also a good place for some control taps. Sadly, unlike the sparkies that had cut many boards in our house during a big rewire job a while back, the builder failed to cut one of the floor boards over a joist but just after and then left the replaced board segment poorly supported (bit of wood nailed to the joist). I went through the board segment a month or so ago (no pipe work damage that time). We had put some hardboard over the whole to stop us falling into the hole until we could get around to having some handyman fix the floor properly (DIY is not my thing). The hardboard stood up to my wife walking on it, but not to me slamming my big size 12s down on it directly over the hole. Foot is a little cut-up but has survived better than the pipe.
Just waiting for the plumber now before we run out of towels.

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  1. Plumber was with us half-an-hour after I called. Repaired the joint quickly – showed me what had happened with the original – and even repaired the floor properly so I don’t do it again. Brilliant. Charged me £50.

    Alan Turner in Newport Shropshire, if anyone wants a decent plumber.

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