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I was checking out a few things on the internet archive and found an article from my site from before 2000 that does not seem to have made it to the current version, so I thought I would re-post it. The sad thing is, I haven’t been back on a bike full time since the incident described below.

I am a born again rider – one of the latest “groupings” in serious growth. This refers to people that rode a motorbike in their youth, gave it up for cars, marriage, job, children, etc. and then decided to give biking another go.

After a gap of about fourteen years, I decided to get back to motorbikes to commute to a new job started in September 1997. I took a lot of advice on the CIX bulleting board’s bikers conference regarding what to do and decided to get some serious training from scratch with CSM Training including CBT, Direct Access 3 day course and the DSA test. Given the amount of commuting I was faced with, the best choice of bike by popular consensus turned out to be a BMW K75RT. I picked a second hand 1991 H reg example up with 51,000 miles on it from Coombes of Guildford. They had a full service history on the bike and had done a good overhaul on it before offering it for sale.

I suppose many will think that it was inevitable that I would come a cropper sooner or later. It only to me to Thursday 30th October 1997! Only two months after starting the new job. Fortunately, I survived and impact with only bruising but the bike was a write-off (although it took the insurance company ten months to pay up!!).

This has not put me off biking though. I will get back on in the future (as soon as I can afford another BMW). However, I will think twice about commuting in very heavy traffic at night.

Nearly two years after the accident, I heard from solicitors acting on behalf of my insurers responding to action from the other parties. The solicitors had trouble finding me because the insurance company had lost my “new” address despite having sent the final cheque to the new address.

A few months later, following several aborted scheduled court appearances, the other side caved in and agreed to pay my costs. I had had to say things like “no, I will not accept 75% of the blame”,” no, I will not accept 50% of the blame”, etc. The result was that I was in the end considered blame free and I got a nice little unexpected bonus in time for Christmas.

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